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1/72 scale Hasegawa Lockheed P-38J Lightning "My Dad" model airplane
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1/72 Scale Hasegawa Model
Lockheed P-38J Lightning "My Dad"
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James M. Morris - 77th FS/20th FG, RAF Kings Cliffe 1944
Model Builder: Ted Holowchuk

Lockheed P-38J Lightning
P-38J "My Dad" Kings Cliffe, UK 1944

James M. Morris was from Detroit, MI and the Eighth Air Force’s first P-38 ace. He was credited with 7.333 victories. Four of these happened on a single sortie, February 8, 1944, when he shot down two Fw 190s and two Bf 109Gs. This set a P-38 record at the time for the European theater of operations. By shooting down an Me 410, Morris achieved his last kill on July 7, 1944. During the dogfight, his fighter was badly shot up by the Me 410’s waist guns forcing Morris to bail out. He spent the rest of the war as a POW.

Jim Morris was part of the USAAF 77th Fighter Squadron in the 20th Fighter Group. His squadron was based at RAF Kings Cliffe, UK which was also base to the 347th Fighter Squadron and 56th Fighter Group. James M. Morris flew several P-38s, but his aircraft was named ”My Dad” (42-67717) and was emblazoned with his impressive tally. The ”My Dad” nose art was on the port fuselage with ”Til we meet again” painted inside of a black spade on the starboard side.

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Professionally built 1/72 model airplane of a Lockheed P-38J Lightning "My Dad".
Scale model aircraft photo of a 1/72 P-38 Lightning.
James M. Morris My Dad.
1/72 P-38 Lightning plastic model airplane image.
Airplane model kit photo of a 1/72 p-38 lightning.
1/72 Hasegawa  P-38 Lightning scale model airplane image.
My Dad 42-67717.
Aircraft model kit photo of a 1/72 P-38J Lightning.
Museum quality model P-38 Lightning.
Professionally built model P-38 Lightning.
Plastic model airplane photo of a 1/72 P-38 Lightning.
James M. Morris  USAAF 77th Fighter Squadron.
Hasegawa model P-38 Lightning.
P-38 Lightning scale model airplane image.

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